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Our combined team of consultants have over 50 years’ experience in Home Healthcare. We have successfully implemented Procura based on our validated strategic project plans in over 60 office locations across six states

Interim HealthCare

Software Implementation and Process Improvement


The scope included:

  • Consolidation of 15 decentralized servers to a central data center
  • Migration of HIPAA data for 20,000 current patients and 6,500 active employees
  • Training 800 branch personnel in 50 branch locations across five states

Services Provided:

  • Procura System integration with Great Plains
  • Project Management
  • Customized Training founded on best practices
  • Tailored user guides to improved standard operating procedures
  • Go-Live Support & Post Remote Support
  • Process improvement consulting
Interim Healthcare
Advantage Nursing Care

Advantage Nursing

Automation and Process Improvement

The scope included:

  • System integration with Procura and Great Plains to create data internal warehouse

Services Provided:

  • Business Analysis
  • Developed and Designed Customized reports
  • Data Validation checks tailored to business rules

At Home Healthcare

Software Implementation and Systems Integration

The scope included:

  • Software conversion of a home care company with multiple service lines providing care to patients located in 110 counties in East Texas
  • The transition consolidated 3 different home health software systems to one system (Procura)
  • Salo Solutions has provided consulting services through all facets of their transition

Services Provided:

  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Procura Systems Integration and Payroll System
  • Customized training grounded on improved business procedures
  • Increased visibility of business performance to make data-driven decisions
  • Post Implementation Support
  • On-site consulting visits
At Home Healthcare

“Salo Solutions has been a trusted partner during our implementation of Procura.  They bring professionalism and experience that has helped our organization greatly during a time of major changes.  I feel using their services has been a key to our successful implementation”

Rhonda Kelly

President, CEO, CFO, At Home Healthcare