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About Salo Solutions

Salo Solutions is an IT consultancy and systems integrator with a healthcare focus that delivers business-driven solutions. Our solutions increase efficiencies and empower our clients to gain a competitive advantage. Salo Solutions brings unique skills and solutions acquired by years of home care experience and repeated success implementing software and building solutions. The technical and operational consulting that Salo Solutions delivers has a proven track record of positively impacting patient care.

Years combined experience in healthcare

Full-time team members

Years combined experience in IT


“I am pleased to lead a team with a wide range of skills in home health, accounting, process improvement, and technology.   Our combined experience in these fields has put us in a unique position to provide tailored solutions to a variety of customers.  It has been gratifying to see our clients continue to view us as a trusted advisor.”


President, Salo Solutions LLC

We solve your home healthcare company’s operational and technical management problems

Salo Solutions provides optimal solutions to operational and technical obstacles faced by your home healthcare company.

Simplify your transition from a legacy system to Procura

Utilize Procura’s robust scheduling, billing, and clinical software

Re-engineer processes to achieve operational excellence

Deliver a framework for unifying data from disparate systems

We Care About Your Ability to Provide Excellent Patient Care

We take you from the initial Procura software purchase to fully utilizing and realizing the power of your investment. A smooth implementation is our goal. We assist you in designing sophisticated operational processes to save you time and money, while allowing your employees to focus on high-quality patient care.

About Salo Solutions

We Organize and Eliminate Waste from Your Processes

We assist your company through system integration, business analysis, and change management strategies. Our specialized analysts help you identify and eliminate wasteful, non-value added steps from you core business processes.

How We Do It

Everyone can purchase software. Few have the ability to integrate it with their current system seamlessly. Customizing Procura to your unique business processes is where we come in.

Analyze Current Processes

Identify Non-Value Added Steps

Design Effective Operational Strategies

System Integration

Implement Software

Software Training for End Users

Provide Reporting Solutions and Software Support